Best WIFI Security Solutions

Boost your wireless range and enjoy wall-to-wall coverage with a D-Link Access Point or Range Extender.

An Access Point allows you to add wireless capabilities to a non-wireless router, whilst a Range Extender allows you to extend your wireless networks to areas of the home where the signal may not be strong enough.

So if you want to improve the speed and range of an existing wireless network or set one up, D-Link’s access points and range extenders offer a fast and reliable connection for all of your wireless devices.

Investing in State-of-the-art Wireless Security System

It is commendable that the crime rate in Australia is considerably lower than other developed economies of the world. But that does not imply that crime here does not exist – lets accept the fact – our homes and offices are potential danger zones, until and unless steps are taken to equip them with a robust security system. The right approach is to install the best Wi-Fi security camera within the premises of your residence and office – indoors and outdoors.

Uses of the best wireless security system in Australia

Best way to keep yourself updated on what is happening back home in your absence. Especially if you have little kids, infants’ and aged people home.

Even when home, you can keep a check on what is happening in the kids’ room or what is your pet up to!

And most importantly, the right wireless camera system will automatically alert you in case of any untoward movement like someone trying to enter your home without permission etc.

When you are out buying the best wireless security system for your home or workplace, consider the following:

One of the first things to check is the resolution of the camera.

The other hardware related aspects that need to be verified include presence of a speaker, storage facility, presence of a microphone, does it offer zooming, tilting and panning options in the real-time, option of night vision, does it need to be mounted or not, can it be scaled to fit in extra sensors when required etc.

What are the devices that can be used to access the video footage?

Image quality

Can the camera system send SMS or other form of messages?

Can it be used for live streaming?

Does It have features of remote control and motion detection?

Where to buy the best Wi-Fi security camera in Australia?

At, we sell online the best and the finest quality security cameras from D-Link as well as Wi-Fi solutions that fit perfect with your home requirement. Providing uninterrupted and seamless wireless connectivity to smart devices with the security system at home, and even workplace, we have the answer to all types of CCTV and Wi-Fi camera-related situations. The objective is to provide our customers with choices and options that are backed by modern and advanced technology. So that their living and working spaces are always safe and secure.